What is Attrack

A diverse collection of practical tutorials
「Attrack」is formed by the words Attack and Attract, and are the core principles of our organization. We seek to 'Attract' and 'Attack' the public with the finest and most original electronic music ever created.

「Attrack」,字根由Attack(進擊) 與 Attract(吸引)組成的再建構單字,兩者作為我們的核心宗旨。

Attrack Plan

A diverse collection of practical tutorials
Our goal with「Attrack」is to transform the elements of a Rave Carnival into something more sophisticated and soulful, redefining the concept of rave parties with the uniqueness of Taiwanese culture. Intertwining electronic music, designer markets, light shows, and interactive installations to create a contemporary party carnival you have never seen before.

俐落說明我們要以創新手法重新打造既有素材、推動更具思想意向活動的行動野心。要從文化重新詮釋加以結合在地文化推廣,呈現出一個打破既有守舊籬牆;並且橫跨電子音樂派對、創意市集、表演藝術以及互動裝置 領域的新意象派對嘉年華。 我們要讓更多人理解新意向的派對-絕對不單單是商業性的販賣、更要提供表演 者、藝術與觀眾三方不一樣的展演空間;讓派對不在只是派對,而是一項藝文性 活動。


A diverse collection of practical tutorials
Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect are the raver's manifesto, and the ideals we want to promote. A true rave party should be filled with joy, bliss, serenity, and its participants united in the pureness of the music.
We are「Attrack」. Dedicated to the revival of Rave, right here in Taipei.

愛、和平、連結、尊重 我們相信在未來,這可以作為群眾對「派對」更好印象的註腳。